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by Leslie Braverman on November 5, 2014

We’re often asked before a student begins training, “What do certified STOTT PILATES instructors do after they graduate?” The paths people take are as unique as the individual. Pacific NW Pilates (PNWP) Owner Leslie Braverman led PNWP workshops at a former student’s studio in Tacoma, Washington last weekend, which made her think that it’s time for an illustration of success — and of lasting connections to the PNWP community. 


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FullSizeRenderLet’s talk about our graduates. Over the last 14 years, Pacific NW Pilates has trained hundreds of students. After months of hard work, studying and completing a certification examination, graduates are ready to teach in a studio —or launch their own businesses. Over the years we have encountered many superstars.

Johnette Schiesz, First Class

One of our best and brightest is Johnette Schiesz, proud owner of Studio Malulani in Puyallup, Washington.

Johnette was in the very first STOTT PILATES Intensive Mat Course that Pacific NW Pilates offered in 2001. A Licensed Massage Therapist, Johnette selected STOTT PILATES certification with the intention to combine her training, and practice both Pilates and massage therapy in a studio built right in her own backyard.

Today, Studio Malulani is welcoming, beautiful and serene — a true extension of its owner and her vision of life.



Studio Malulani 

Studio Malulani reflects the elements of Johnette’s life that she loves most. The studio name and decor honor her love and appreciation of her birth home, Hawaii. During the spring and summer months, she brings flowers in from the gardens that surround her studio and home. In the fall and winter months, she bakes treats for her clients.

When I speak with Johnette, her deep love of life, teaching and her clients is so clear to me. Her eyes light up as she expresses her joy of helping others and infusing her studio with the things she believes in most.

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It has been an immense pleasure to work with Johnette over the years, and teach PNWP courses and workshops at her studio. Each encounter reminds me of her ability to live an authentic life — honoring the mind-body connection and spirit of Pilates.

Johnette and Studio Malulani are fine examples to future graduates of PNWP’s STOTT PILATES certification program.


— Leslie Braverman






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