Robin Wright Shoulders 101

by Leslie Braverman on August 1, 2014

 Pilates Reformer for Claire Underwood Look

Robin Wright as Claire Underwood in House of Cards is a terrifying personalitiy and a physical ideal. Her character’s image and power is evident in Wright’s shapely neck and strong feminine shoulders. Her dresses — all drool-worthy — showcase her extraordinary shoulders and arms. It all makes me pea-green with envy and full of inspiration to high-tail it into my own Pilates studio! fbba556232ca9f167a96a6b77d6b9358

Striving for the Wright look makes me think of my dancing days. I get that same twinge of excitement, working to shape my body through movement. Envisioning longer, stronger, more sinewy muscles, I combine my STOTT PILATES Instructor Trainer skills and intuition to design a program.

I work full days, so I need a plan that’s simple. A workout must satisfy my will to work out and engage my mind-body focus quickly, because time is limited. I have to grab a few minutes at the beginning of the day or between client sessions.

STOTT PILATES Essential Back Rowing and Front Rowing series on the Reformer is the perfect start to my shoulders and arms workout. I check my posture in the mirror. I ask myself if my spine and shoulders are in neutral position. I find a resistance that allows me to feel the work, employ good technique and complete ten repetitions.


I struggle to quiet my mind on the first set. (There’s always something that needs my attention in the studio.) But by the third exercise, I’m fully present. The sweeping arcs and wave-like spinal motions combine strength and flexibility in a way that feels like dancing.


I focus on the integration of core, arm and back muscles. Quick mental notes remind me to stop gripping my neck — and sense the work along the line of muscle fibers. Slow down, I coach myself. I have to give value to the exercise in both directions.   If the last three of ten repetitions are challenging, I know I found my best springs.

It is simple. It is effective. 0b1ae33d743e92f208bbc9a129bf1b13

And I’m getting ready to give Claire Underwood a run for her money.

Yours faithfully,

Leslie Braverman

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