PNWP’s Top Five Reasons for STOTT PILATES®

by Leslie Braverman on August 14, 2017

The benefits of Pilates have been cited for years—improved flexibility, increased core strength and better posture lead the list of convincing buzzwords used to get any innocent Pilates bystander to do their daily Hundreds. At Pacific Northwest Pilates (PNWP) we like to go deeper—we want to know the juice behind the jargon. In fact, it’s one of the reasons STOTT PILATES® is the foundation of our studio teaching practice and the flagship enterprise of our education and certification. With STOTT PILATES, we learn the science behind what we teach and why it works.  STOTT PILATES’ five basic principles underpin every exercise we instruct. We’re guided by continuing education that’s based on current research and innovative ideas. At PNWP our mission is to educate every person as an individual and facilitate changes that will last. Our top five reasons for STOTT PILATES may not seem glamorous. They may not be filled with excessive, rah rah, hyperbole. They’re substantive, optimistic and authentic—they reside in the art of our teaching and at the heart of who we are.

#1— STOTT PILATES improves body awareness

You can’t modify a movement pattern or learn a new one without body awareness. A STOTT PILATES instructor is trained to guide you through each exercise. Visual cues, hands-on feedback, modifications and equipment are tools used to help you explore, perceive, experience and develop a new relationship with your body, and change how you think and move.

#2— STOTT PILATES improves mobility

Good mobility is central to a healthy body and a satisfying life. You want to be able to bend, reach and twist. You want to be able to garden, pick up your grand kids, and do all the things you love to do. Mobility means you can perform functional movement—with no restriction—in the range required to do movement fluidly. It means every joint can participate and move well to contribute to a fully integrated and coordinated action.

A STOTT PILATES instructor is trained to ensure your bones are in the right place before you move, because we know stretching muscles without accurate joint alignment can lead to unwanted hypermobility and instability. We teach you to move in your safest range of motion, so you can slowly increase mobility at the same time as your joints become more stable. In this manner, you’ll build flexibility and strength in a balanced and controlled way, and—here’s the clincher—your body can integrate change and range that will last.

#3— STOTT PILATES improves joint stability

When you step off a curb, you want to know your hip, knee and ankle will be there for you. In less than a fraction of a second, your brain and peripheral nervous system assess the terrain, adjust for deviations, and apply just the right amount of force and support to get the job done. When a joint is unstable it may feel vulnerable. It is. A kink in communication between your brain and body can alter joint mechanics, timing and coordination. A STOTT PILATES instructor is trained to pay particular attention to centering your joints. You’ll start small and receive cues and hands-on corrections to build awareness. You’ll re-educate your nervous system to recognize a new normal. Each step in the exercise progression provides a varied stimulus and challenges you to control and re-find “the middle.” Whether your goal is to step off a curb safely, climb into a boat or run your next marathon without hesitation, your STOTT PILATES instructor wants you to feel strong and confident when you move.

#4— STOTT PILATES improves postural control

You desire ease when you sit, stand and walk. Optimal postural alignment allows the body to be maintained in equilibrium with minimal expenditure of energy. The head bone is connected to the foot bone, and if you don’t have a way to organize all your parts in an efficient, balanced way, you’ll never have a strong foundation upon which to build. A STOTT PILATES instructor will teach you how to organize your body using five basic bio-mechanical principles to help you discover where center is for your pelvis, spine, rib cage, neck and shoulder girdle and how to breathe and move without tension.

#5—STOTT PILATES improves motivation

STOTT PILATES’ five basic principles and anatomically-based exercise approach means you’ll learn information that is relevant to every part of your active life. STOTT PILATES instructors don’t just give exercises, they educate you to move better. You’re an active participant in your own exercise and movement program, so we stimulate you to be curious. You’ll explore and discover your own abilities. STOTT PILATES promotes relaxed attentiveness, so things feel possible and it’s a pleasure to move. We incorporate your goals and focus on activities that matter to you. Regular exercise means your motivation needs to become a habit—the first step is getting started.


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