PNWP Behind the Scenes: Practice Makes Perfect

by Leslie Braverman on March 7, 2016

PNWP Spring Conference instructor team

Seven of our merry studio band of 22 perform double and triple duty as certified education instructors : (left to right) Ishbel Miller, Holly Shaw, Jean Leavenworth, Melanie Byford-Young, Katherine Brown, Erica Loder, Leslie Braverman.

One of the things that sets Pacific NW Pilates (PNWP) apart in Portland is that we teach Pilates teachers—many of whom now work in studios throughout Portland, the West and around the globe. There’s a constant zing of energy between daily studio clients and an education powerhouse.

Our 22 resident teachers are never more than a few weeks—or a few feet—from excellent courses in our STOTT PILATES® licensed training center, aka Pacific NW Pilates Education (PNWPE). They work side by side in the studio. And they regularly update their accreditation and expand their skill set with courses and workshops.

PNWPE 2016 Spring Conference Prep & Practice

PNWP Education's 2016 Spring Conference instructors

Click image for Spring Conference details

Last fall, we created the 2016 course and workshops schedule and invested in our skills by contracting with Master Instructor Kim Kraushar (via Merrithew headquarters). It meant two non-stop days of training for us. It was equal parts effort, sweat and laughs. Here are some iPhone outtakes:

PNWP Education Trainer Instructor Jean Leavenworth with Merrithew Master Instructor Kim Kraushar (Conditioning Towel)

Kim Kraushar training Jean Leavenworth in preparation for new PNWPE Spring Conference workshops

Making stars (exercise): Kim Kraushar tranining PNWPE trainer instructors Melanie Byford-Young and Holly Shaw

PNWPE instructor Ishbel Miller after workshop training session with Kim Kraushar

PNWPE Instructor Trainer Katherine Brown strikes a pose with Merrithew Master Instructor Kim Kraushar after successfully taking final exam in ZEN-GA certification   PNWP Owner Melanie Byford-Young faces off with Merrithew Master Instructor Kim Kraushar after rigorous day of 2016 Spring Conference workshop preparation

PNWP Owner Leslie Braverman fine-tunes Pilates Reformer movement at direction of Merrithew Master Instructor Kim Kraushar

Lights. Camera. Action.

In the middle of our January workshops and first certification courses of the new year, we scheduled a photo shoot. Phew! These shots will give you an idea of how serious we are about our work and how much fun we have together.

Posing at the barre (r to l): Katherine Brown, Holly Shaw, Melanie Byford-Young, Leslie Braverman

Lining up shot to illustrate knee stability on the Pilates Reformer: Melanie Byford-Young (standing) and Erica Loder

Demonstrating Pilates with Props (left to right): Holly Shaw, Leslie Braverman, Katherine Brown

Leading Pilates on the Reformer for Older Adult is Jean Leavenworth with Leslie Braverman (on Reformer)

Photographer Andy Robbins zooms in on Katherine Brown, demonstrating ZEN-GA move on Pilates Reformer

Zany outtakes are one of the best parts of photo shoots: Ishbel Miller, Holly Shaw, Jean Leavenworth, Melanie Byford-Young, Katherine Brown, Erica Loder, Leslie Braverman

We hope you enjoyed this sneak peek. You’ll see the professional images of this session on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram as the year unfolds.

See you in the studio.

Pacific NW Pilates is studio, school and fitness family under one roof. Click to learn more about our education courses and workshops, private studio sessions and group classes. Or call Brette for details: (503) 292-4409.


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