Pilates Passion is Valentine Fitness Secret

by Leslie Braverman on February 10, 2015


At Pacific NW Pilates we see true love in action every day. In a pact that’s sweeter than chocolate and longer lasting than roses, five couples share health and wellness with their beloved Valentines. They practice Pilates in the studio and at home.

I think you may enjoy seeing what heartfelt, encouraging, enduring commitment and happiness looks like, PNWP-style.

Happy Valentine’s Day to you and your love!

— Leslie Braverman

Cly and Paul


Cly and Paul 5

Married for 38 years. Started Pilates in 2002. Paul always embraced exercise; Cly did not. In her own words, “I disliked exercise and had felt uncoordinated my whole life.”

Their stars aligned in 2002 when Paul convinced Cly to try a Pacific NW Pilates (then in Vancouver, Washington) mat class. She has been a believer ever since.

Now they drive to PNWP in Portland once or twice a week for their Pilates fix. They appreciate meaningful, personalized feedback and the ability to progress at their own pace.


Olivia and Travis


Travis and Olivia 1

Married for 13 years. Started Pilates at Total Body Pilates with Amanda Staehely (PNWPE grad). Began Pilates at PNWP in September 2014.

Once upon a time, Olivia was a not-so-happy Medical Assistant. Pilates altered her experience, bringing with it much joy and flexibility.

Travis, in his infinite wisdom, encouraged Olivia to purse Pilates as a career. In September 2014, Olivia registered for PNWPE’s Functional Anatomy class, taking steps toward becoming a Pilates instructor.

Today, Pilates brings much joy and flexibility—their dreams have come true—they’re now the proud owners of an Oregon City Pilates studio built for two.


Pat and Meg


Meg & Pat 9

Married for 21 years. Meg began exploring Pilates in 2005. Pat joined PNWP in 2013.

Meg and Pat are classic sidekicks when they’re together, playing off each other’s goofball humor like Lucy and Ricky.

When Meg started training to become an instructor at PNWPE, she needed to practice teaching what she was studying. Pat was her willing subject. A high school teacher with a background in biology, Pat enjoys helping Meg study anatomy. He gives her encouraging feedback without judgment.

Struck by a Pilates cupid arrow, Pat now loves Pilates, too. He takes Meg’s Beginning/Intermediate Mat with Props every Tuesday morning to gain more control, flexibility and balanced strength to aid his soccer play.


Virginia and Michael


Virginia and Michael 3

Married for 27 years. Practicing Pilates with me since 1999 (before the creation of PNWP).

Virginia relished her private lessons. Then, as she tells it, “Michael started because he likes to do everything I do!” Well, who could resist?

For the past 15 years, they have been taking private and semi-private classes one-to-three times a week, and expect to be on the Pilates love train for at least another 15 years. 


Jim and Eva


Jim and Eva 5

Married 59 years.

The Fred and Ginger of Pilates know how to tango. Eva dipped into Pilates more than 15 years ago with Melanie Byford-Young. And she knew it was the right thing for Jim, too. That tells you how in synch this couple is.

Isn’t there someone you’d like to Pilates with?

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Janet Nordlund February 12, 2015 at 7:26 pm

I LOVE THIS!!! These couples are such wonderful people and it is such a pleasure to see them featured. This is so well written, presented and so honoring to our beautiful clients, instructors in training and to everyone at PNWP. Leslie and Melanie and the whole staff at PNWP really excel at expressing love daily and sharing the joy that loving Pilates and each other brings to all of us. This is just so cool….Happy Valentine’s day to everyone!
I love you, too, PNWP!!! and I love being a part of the instructor team


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