Emily Takes Pilates Long Stretch on Reformer

by Leslie Braverman on August 7, 2014

Our lovely long stretch demonstrates a long stretch

Emily Keane has progressed through PNWP —from front desk to PNWP Education manager — all while mastering the progressions of STOTT PILATES exercises and attaining her certification. She’s been sunshine to work with and a joy to observe in the studio. The event of her career transition from PNWP colleague to full time Pilates instructor is bittersweet. I ran across this video of PNWP Owner Leslie Braverman directing Emily (our long, lean supermodel) in the execution of the Long Stretch on the Pilates Reformer. I hope you enjoy it. 

This short video demonstrates “Long Stretch” on the Reformer. It is a terrific exercise for abs and arms. You’ll feel it in your delts, abs, glutes, hamstrings and inner thighs. The first version is the ideal, using light weight (one spring) and perfect form. The second version demonstrates the modification that may precede a complete Long Stretch. As Leslie advises, ask your Pilates instructor to incorporate this intermediate Reformer exercise into your program.


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