Yoga & Pilates, Simple Back Pain Relief

After years of working with clients with chronic back pain and struggling with her own debilitating back injury, Ishbel Cavaleri, PNWP Instructor and STOTT PILATES Instructor Trainer, shares how to use yoga, Pilates and self-care techniques for chronic back pain.

Many people suffer from chronic low back pain. In fact, it’s the leading cause of disability worldwide today (Global Burden of Disease, 2010). Fortunately, most cases of back pain are due to bio-mechanical issues—poor posture, muscular imbalances and compensations—that can be safely and effectively managed through movement techniques.

2017 Fall Dates TBD

Simple Back Relief Program: Part 1

Set the Foundations for Stabilization and Improved Performance

  •  understand the foundations of yoga & Pilates and revolutionize your practice
  • learn how to isolate specific muscle groups for optimal movement in every joint
  • improve overall performance both in life and in movement
  • get the most bang for your buck with every exercise you do


Simple Back Relief Program: Part 2

Release Tension through Stretching and Self massage

  • improve range-of-motion
  • learn how to alleviate chronic areas of tension
  • identify and correct imbalance
  • move the tight spots that could be contributing to pain

Please bring 2 tennis balls, 2 washcloths, 1 bath towel/foam roller to this class


Simple Back Relief Program: Part 3

Strengthen, Stabilize, Mobilize

  • learn movements that build strength and power
  • harness your strength and use it to alleviate pain over time
  • create a do-it-yourself home routine that can help support your back

Please bring 1 bath towel to this class.

These workshops are designed for people with chronic back pain of all levels of fitness. One Pilates class is required before attending this workshop. If you’ve recently had a surgery or experience debilitating back pain, please consult with your physician, physical therapist and/or Pilates practitioner before registering. Please wear comfortable, unrestricted clothing.

Cost: $40/workshop. Your payment includes a packet of exercises with pictures and a special offer to an exclusive online program.

Dates to be announced soon. Please Contact Ishbel Cavaleri for questions and to register at