Franklin Method Workshops with Traci

Please join Traci for new Franklin Method® workshops!

For the last couple of years, Traci has been teaching workshops using different applications of imagery and focusing on bones. This year she will be teaching you more about the muscles that move the bones.

Traci’s workshops will focus on easy-to-do imagery, with exercises aimed at improving your everyday movement, alignment and flexibility.  Why use imagery?  It is a powerful tool to help your movement to be more efficient, enhance confidence, and improve performance.  The Franklin Method® is all about efficient movement which helps your joints last longer, freeing your body of unnecessary pain. For more Franklin Method® information and videos go to

These are just some of the workshops Traci has featured in our studio. Stay tuned for future dates!

Franklin Method® Intro

Curious what the Franklin Method® is all about?  Already using the Franklin Method® and want to know more about the upcoming workshops?  Come to this free class to experience how you can use imagery to improve your every day movements and Pilates exercises.  The focus will be on flexibility in your spine and ways to release tension in your neck. Plus get a sneak peek at some exercises from upcoming workshops.  Bonus: Drawing for a free Franklin Method® workshop at the end of class!

Strong and Flexible Muscles

Do strong and flexible muscles sound appealing?  In this class you will learn how to create flexibility and strength using mind-body techniques. You will learn how to use imagery to melt muscular tension away and also feel stronger when performing your exercises. It is not the quantity of what we do with our muscles but the quality of our usage that makes the difference when it comes to improved longevity!

Flexible strength for your back muscles

Would you like your back to feel better? Do you have a strong and flexible core?  Your back muscles are part of your core and must not be ignored! Come to this class to learn how to move more efficiently in your spine every day.  Becoming more efficient makes movement easier, more comfortable, more fun and increases our body’s longevity.

Agile Arm: perfect your shoulder and elbow movement

Why do we have an elbow?  Try eating without your elbow: you would starve!  The elbow and the shoulder together allow your hand to have mobility and stability in space.  It is really important to be good at something you do most of the time.  Come to this class to learn how these joints can work better to support your everyday movements and your Pilates exercises.