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Pacific NW Pilates: The Key to Your Health and Joyful Activity


Welcome. You’ve found a special place and partner in your health and well-being. Skip ahead to become a PNWP client.

PNWP instructors are educated to teach you the skills you need and want—whether that means you’re ready to run a marathon, elevate a fitness regimen or recover from an injury. Every instructor has been selected by PNWP because of their credentials, experience, skill and sincere passion for working with clients.

PNWP is the Pacific Northwest’s premier STOTT PILATES® training center. More than 500 Pilates exercises—on the mat and specially designed equipment—can be used or modified to challenge or support your particular, marvelous body.

Together, we will chart the best place for you to begin. Pacific NW Pilates accommodates a spectrum of options—based upon your personal fitness and preferences—with private classes, specialized injury consultation, and group classes.

PNWP offers superb access to conditioning and injury prevention

PNWP is the STOTT PILATES Licensed Training Center for the Pacific Northwest. We attract aspiring trainers from the Pacific Northwest—and many from the rest of North America, South America, Europe and the Pacific Rim. They come here to train because of STOTT PILATES’ reputation and curriculum—and the leading-edge commitment of PNWP Owners Leslie Braverman and Melanie Byford-Young.

We work with professional dancers, athletes and special populations, all of whom have specific goals related to conditioning, injury prevention and recovery (in conjunction with treatment from a medical professional).

In fact, STOTT PILATES® is one of the few fitness methods designed to address these needs; Pacific NW Pilates is one of the few studios in the U.S. to offer specialized courses for medical professionals who want to integrate therapeutic Pilates in their clinical settings.

Learn more about the history of Joseph Pilates and the STOTT PILATES method.