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Three Things You Won’t Hear Here

September 28, 2014

There are many declarations heard in gyms that you’ll never hear in, say, our PNWP studio. Pilates is simply different. And I’m in truth-teller mode. Here are three things that you’ll never hear me — or any of our certified STOTT PILATES teachers — say to you: “Squeeze your shoulder blades together for good posture.” […]

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Weekend Foot and Gait Workshop: Melanie Plays to a Packed House

September 15, 2014

Analysis of Foot & Gait with therapeutic Pilates solutions for walking and running performance   Pacific NW Pilates Education (PNWPE) is the professional training side of our mission. The Foot and Gait Workshop was last offered in 2014. Here’s a peek into what has been attracting physical therapists, physios, expert personal trainers and Pilates instructors […]

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Emily Takes Pilates Long Stretch on Reformer

August 7, 2014

Our lovely long stretch demonstrates a long stretch Emily Keane has progressed through PNWP —from front desk to PNWP Education manager — all while mastering the progressions of STOTT PILATES exercises and attaining her certification. She’s been sunshine to work with and a joy to observe in the studio. The event of her career transition […]

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Robin Wright Shoulders 101

August 1, 2014

 Pilates Reformer for Claire Underwood Look Robin Wright as Claire Underwood in House of Cards is a terrifying personalitiy and a physical ideal. Her character’s image and power is evident in Wright’s shapely neck and strong feminine shoulders. Her dresses — all drool-worthy — showcase her extraordinary shoulders and arms. It all makes me pea-green […]

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A Pilates Master’s Fascination: Foot & Gait

July 26, 2014

The Foot — in Action PNWP Owner Melanie Byford-Young is an expert in her own right, and, like passionate trailblazers, she never stops learning. That’s one of the traits that makes her such a sought-after teacher. Melanie will be teaching a foot-and-gait workshop for PT, medical and therapeutic Pilates professionals this September in Portland, Oregon. Here, […]

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