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Your Chair is Killing You

January 26, 2015

A quiet killer has been unmasked: Sitting. It turns out that sitting is more deadly than smoking. Many of us travel to work in a seat, then glue ourselves to a desk chair. Later, we get back in the car. At home, we wind down for the night plunked on the sofa in front of […]

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PNWP Education Grad’s Tacoma Studio

November 5, 2014

We’re often asked before a student begins training, “What do certified STOTT PILATES instructors do after they graduate?” The paths people take are as unique as the individual. Pacific NW Pilates (PNWP) Owner Leslie Braverman led PNWP workshops at a former student’s studio in Tacoma, Washington last weekend, which made her think that it’s time […]

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Leslie in Istanbul, May 2013

October 30, 2014

Leslie Braverman traveled to Istanbul to teach last year at the invitation of Cin Pilates, owned by Pelin Peremici Cin and Cetin Cin. There’s more to the story, of course, when Leslie or Melanie travels to teach. The sheer pleasure of seeing a new place and sharing it with gracious local Pilates hosts also informs their […]

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Three Things You Won’t Hear Here

September 28, 2014

There are many declarations heard in gyms that you’ll never hear in, say, our PNWP studio. Pilates is simply different. And I’m in truth-teller mode. Here are three things that you’ll never hear me — or any of our certified STOTT PILATES teachers — say to you: “Squeeze your shoulder blades together for good posture.” […]

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Weekend Foot and Gait Workshop: Melanie Plays to a Packed House

September 15, 2014

Analysis of Foot & Gait with therapeutic Pilates solutions for walking and running performance   Pacific NW Pilates Education (PNWPE) is the professional training side of our mission. The Foot and Gait Workshop was last offered in 2014. Here’s a peek into what has been attracting physical therapists, physios, expert personal trainers and Pilates instructors […]

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