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John Garey, STOTT PILATES® master instructor trainer, took the studio by storm on the first weekend of PNWP’s Pilates Week 2015.

Most of the workshop participants already know the foundation of the STOTT PILATES exercises; John’s direction added new dimensions. He took familiar flavors and added new spices. Tracy O’Hagan, PNWP studio manager, who met him for the first time, summed up his style and energy: “He’s electric. Sparks fly.”


“A good warm-up gets everyone ready for a group class. It gets the joints warm, makes everyone move in different planes and gives ME a lot of information. I get to look out and see how good — how ‘big’ — you are in specific ranges of movement before we begin.” — John Garey

For instructors amping up their skills, these were high-value CECs. Old friends and new were sweating (they DO all these exercises), laughing, tingling with the pleasure of challenging themselves within a supportive, vibrant community atmosphere. Clients, be on alert: Instructors begin incorporating what they’ve learned immediately. We’re betting clients saw new programming pizzazz using foam rollers, stability balls, reformer and chair exercises this week.  IMG_5113

John lives and breathes fitness and health. For more than 20 years, he’s been at the forefront of training others. His dynamic authority is as exciting in small groups, like PNWP’s 12-20 person workshops, as at convention appearances. An expert in STOTT PILATES—he’s been instrumental in their curriculum and presentation teams since the beginning—John is an intelligent counterpoint to a regimen often associated with dance and dancers.

Using precise, make-every-second-count language, he opened each workshop with an overview and moved crisply into demonstrations of exercises. He put participants through their paces, and then illustrated and described variations to increase or decrease the challenge for their clients—according to their strength, training level and physical limitations. John punctuated information with bursts of humor and advice.

John was candid, warm, generous and specific about the business of enticing athletes to Pilates, capturing and directing young clients’ attention, the difference between a good and a great instructor, and making the most effective use of space and equipment for circuit classes.

The highlight reel of John Garey’s Pilates Week 2015 workshops

Athletic Conditioning on the Stability Chair, Level 2

IMG_4977 IMG_4954 2









Reformer Intervals on Accessory Boards


Foam Roller Challenge, Level 2


IMG_4463 2

Athletic Conditioning on Reformer, Level 4

“Don’t be afraid to move a little faster.” — John Garey


IMG_4986Pilates with Medicine Ball

“Notice that the medicine balls we’re using are 4-pound, textured balls. This ball is familiar to athletes who do, say, CrossFit. But this ball is lighter than they’re used to. Incorporate “progressive overload” to attract the fitness crowd, building in fitness with resistance, speed, sets and programming.” — John Garey

IMG_1252 2


Athletic Conditioning on Reformer, Level 4



Stability Ball Challenge, Level 5

A good instructor demonstrates an exercise and then impresses you when they do every single exercise with the class. I say, Do your workout on your own time. A GREAT teacher demonstrates, then observes each person and offers direction and individual encouragement.” — John Garey


IMG_5101 2

Studio Circuit Training

“Circuit training gets a lot of energy in one room. It’s great for crossover clients. In my studio, we structure it as a recovery day from HIIT. Working on the Reformer, for example, focuses on a slower pace, mobility, precision and form.” — John Garey





IMG_5280 2

The Sunday circuit training workshop made everyone sweat. And think. And cheer. It was a complete success. Thank you, JG.


P.S. John’s final spontaneous act was to tell the group how much he admires Kim Kraushar—next weekend’s Pilates Week 2015 guest master instructor—and urged everyone to take her workshops. We’re really mad about this man.




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