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We have a special treat for you this week: Highlights of a conversation with Kim Kraushar.

If you’re a Pilates pro, you may already know her. If you’re a client, here’s a glimpse of the continuing education that your teachers pursue to challenge and support you in your quest to be strong, balanced, and flexible.


Kim Kraushar, leading a movement class at a woman’s conference in Mexico.

Kim is a remarkable woman. Articulate. Funny. Talented. Vibrant. A bona fide pioneer, leader and innovator in mind-body movement. She’s a STOTT PILATES® Master Instructor Trainer, and will lead PNWP’s final Pilates Week weekend with eight dynamic workshops for Pilates professionals and fitness trainers, May 1-3, 2015.

We phoned for a getting-to-know-Kim chat in anticipation of her trip to Portland. Here are few highlights of our conversation about her work and the classes she’ll be teaching here:

Kim started training 17 years ago in circumstances that have would daunted others. She had just had her first child. Baby in tow, she’d fly to Toronto, “dragging my parents along.”

A primary contributor to ZEN•GA, Kim’s description glows: “Dance and music get people moving, exploring their body in new ways.” She designed the program based upon then-new awareness of fascial research. “It was like the Wild West then,” she said, “and the magic is science.”

When clients and teachers hear the word “barre” they think first of dance. Or how they can’t dance. The Total Barre classes Kim will teach in Portland hit both ends of the spectrum: Barre for choreography-savvy types who want to up the ante — and barre work for “special populations” which makes these exercises accessible, safe and responsive to a far larger community.

“The work I do teaches mind-body programming that can accommodate everyone and bring everyone along.”

L1SRR26219Kim Kraushar is that rare bird who elevates passion with curiosity, intelligence, wit, compassion and hard work.

For more convo highlights, including a merry rapid-fire Q & A with her coffee comment, click here.

To register for Kim’s workshops or to get information about Pacific NW Pilates Education, call Nicola or Brette at (503) 292-4409.




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