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(Updated 5 October 2015)

Pacific NW Pilates Education (PNWPE) has finalized its Fall 2015 schedule of STOTT PILATES® workshops in three locations: Portland, Ore., September 27, and  Jacksonville, Ore., November 7.. We’re especially excited to collaborate with a PNWPE grad at her unique studio in Southern Oregon. Attendees will get great workshops and a glimpse into how one woman operates her successful, innovative business to integrate physical therapy and Pilates.

The CEC scoop

Each year, STOTT PILATES trained instructors satisfy their annual Continuing Education Credit (CEC) requirements by taking six hours of skill-based workshops to sharpen their insights and encourage them to more deeply serve their clients. We identify workshop topics that will be of greatest interest and value, scheduling three two-hour workshops on a single convenient day or weekend. Easy breezy.

1 workshop, $175, .2 (2 hours)

3 workshops, $525, .6 (6 hours)

Insider secret: You don’t have to be a STOTT PILATES instructor, physical therapist, or fitness instructor to take one of our workshops. If you have a strong understanding of Pilates, either as a student of STOTT PILATES or another approach, or are teaching Pilates (any type) and want additional training, you are welcome. This is also a good introduction to STOTT PILATES programming; you can see, first-hand, what sets it apart from others. 

Portland Workshops (September 27)

Prenatal Pilates on split-pedal stability chairThree groups of clients with special needs inspired our September workshop line-up: Programming for Osteoporosis Management, Equipment Programming for Breast Cancer Rehab, and Prenatal Pilates on Split Pedal Chair.

We’re accustomed to progress and regress according to an individual client’s goals, needs and capabilities, but special techniques and insights are required to work with special groups of people. These workshops will sharpen awareness and programming skills—and help you anchor the do-and-don’t list of working with these particular populations.

Jacksonville, Oregon (November 7)

10404342_948550725196150_2440500162479508611_nPNPWE grad Dr. Cassie Diamond is leading the way, incorporating Pilates rehabilitation (exercises, equipment and props) in her J-Well Pilates Rehab Studio physical therapy practice. We’re thrilled that Melanie Byford-Young—PNWPE owner and STOTT PILATES master instructor trainer—will be teaching three rehab workshops in Cassie’s studio: Lumbar-Pelvic Region, Reformer, and Programming for Osteoporosis Management.


Don’t worry. If you’re determined to wait till the last minute, we’ve got you covered in December with a roster of workshops in our Portland studio.

Call us to register—or simply ask questions: (503) 292-4409.




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