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Pack your own bag of travel tricks to stay fit. STOTT PILATES® Lead Instructor Trainer, Leslie Braverman is teaching choreography, helpful cues and tips for workouts to take home, to Tokyo, the beach or wherever you go.

Zenga Flow with Mini Stability Ball, Beginning to Intermediate   Saturday, June 13, 12:45 – 2  p.m.

Activate your core muscles and challenge your balance as you move through this flowing workout DVD. The lightweight flexible Mini Stability Ball™ will add a new dynamic to your Matwork promoting Mindful Movement. This total-body exercise routine thoroughly works the deep muscle systems of the body.

Core Total Body Tone with Tubing, Intermediate to Advanced    Saturday, August 22, 12:45 – 2 p.m.

This workout will strengthen your core and help develop greater tone through the upper body. Resistance tubing is used to target muscles in the shoulders, arms, upper back and chest, while you pay particular attention to form, stability and control.

One workshop: $60. Book both for $110. Register by calling Nicola or Brette, (503) 292-4409.

Tricks for a Keeping a Supple Body in a Cramped Travel Seat

Traveling makes me think about faraway places, meeting new people and soaking up exotic colors, smells and tastes. On the other hand, I face confinement in cramped airline seats, sleeping in strange beds and lugging heavy bags.

I often abandon feeling fit until after I’ve returned home.

Over the years, I have observed my seasoned travel clients—who travel frequently for business and pleasure—stay fit. I wondered about their tricks and tips. So I asked four regulars.

Tricks for keeping fit when traveling for business or pleasure.

Go prepared: make appointment in STOTT PILATES studio at your destination and use PNWP program.

1. I book Pilates appointments before I leave. I travel all over the world for my business, and part of the fun for me is discovering new studios and instructors. Since STOTT PILATES is an international company, I can go to their website, enter the location I will be traveling to receive a complimentary list of certified STOTT PILATES instructors from that region. I have a list of exercises that I am working on with my teachers at home—Leslie and Cheryl—and they update that list on a regular basis for me.

Flexibility advice for summer travelers.

You’ll be surprised at the quality of equipment in most hotels. And it’s a fact that workout facilities are NOT overbooked.

2. Many hotels have fitness gyms, but Hilton Hotels take it a step further and provide guests with a Stay Fit Kit®  that includes Pilates resistance bands, yoga mats, yoga blocks and hand weights. I can pack light and know props will be waiting for me when I arrive for my regular routine.

DVDs are vacation fitness companions.

DVDs are ideal familiar, light-weight summer travel companions.

3. I bring a DVD. Most hotels have DVD/VCR machines, and so I alternate my workouts while I am away. The Pilates Towel Workout doesn’t require any props other than a towel, The Weight Loss Circuit Training with Props is an energetic workout that helps me get up and go, and the Armchair Pilates Plus workout is perfect for small spaces. (All DVDs are available at PNWP.)

A deflated stability ball is great travel tool.

Tucking a deflated mini stability ball is a versatile addition to keeping supple while traveling. It’s light and easy to inflate.

4. I take pack-able props and a workout routine. Lightweight and easy-to-pack props help me take a routine on the road. Before I go, I ask my instructor for a program using the props I own. This summer Leslie will be offering two travel workshops. Learn how to use the mini-stability ball and resistance tubing in time for your next trip.






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