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The Future of Pilates? Red Hot.

by Leslie Braverman on November 2, 2016

Pilates on STOTT PILATES chair

Pilates is tried and true in our studio. Loyal and satisfied clients—some of whom have been with us for our entire 15-year history—sing its praises. There’s a lot written about Pilates, some of it informative (see below), some of it downright silly.

In fact, the most ridiculous was an article in New York magazine last year. It predicted the demise of Pilates for reasons completely outside our experience. Loud objections were heard from Pilates fans, teachers and trainers across North America.

Here are recent articles that better explain Pilates.

The Truth About Pilates: Not a fad, not a trend, but a valuable, contemporary exercise program for multiple audiences

The Truth Behind Pilates

Excerpt (click photo for full story):

Many believe that all Pilates is the same, but … contemporary Pilates has added new equipment and variations on Joseph Pilates’ original exercises. “If Pilates students cannot complete a particular exercise, it makes sense to incorporate modifications. When first learning Pilates, it is very helpful to take private lessons. The beauty of the system is that it can be very gentle but, as you build, it can be very challenging.”

Another misconception is that Pilates is only for those who are very fit. “While it’s true that the first groups to adopt Pilates were athletes and dancers,” says Briody, high levels of fitness and flexibility are not prerequisites. “Pilates works well for beginners who want to build strength in their core muscles for improved posture, balance, and flexibility.”

Pilates can also be adapted to address specific physical conditions, such as back pain, can be modified for people with osteoporosis and can be used to train for certain sports, such as tennis, golf, cycling, and running. “When an athlete practices their sport, they may develop imbalances in their body, and Pilates can help by introducing movements or exercises to address and help correct these issues.”


3 Reasons Pilates Is Exploding in Popularity

Excerpt (click photo for full article):

The exercise pendulum swings from decade to decade.

With all of the “more is better” workouts on the rise – so are injuries. These exercise trends are self-limiting. As more and more people get hurt, the trends begin to change in response. It’s already begun. Scores of spinners, hard core yogis and cardio junkies are flocking to Pilates to put the pieces of their bodies back together. Pilates with its tough springs, ordered exercises and attention to detail is the prescription that exercisers need right now. And not just as an antidote but as injury prevention. As more and more people discover that they should be working out for the needs of their own personal lives and not like would-be Olympians, Pilates will continue to climb in popularity.

Is Pilates here to stay for you? Have you read a great article about Pilates? Please share it in the comments section.

Till next time, we’ll see you in the studio.

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