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Early Birds Hit the Pilates Reformer

by Editrix on May 4, 2016

Reformer room on Thursday morning

Thursday mornings bring out the boys.

Early morning Pilates Reformer classes are a hit. The most motivated go-getters pick the first classes of the day before they charge off … to do what? Change the world? Perhaps. Or drive the school car pool. Or design sport shoes. Or negotiate pre-nups.

The top reasons our clients give for greeting dawn with core work (and most of our morning classes are for intermediate and advanced Pilates fans) are: the challenge, beating traffic, quick in and out with parking at the front door, and the way it prepares them to face the day.

It’s true. When you wake up your body in a 5:45 or 7 a.m. Reformer class, you’re likely to move with greater ease all day.

Early morning PNWP reformer class

PNWP instructor Jeanette Dreyer has a loyal following at her 7 a.m. Reformer group class. Personal attention at the right price in a serene studio is very appealing.

Fanny Adams cherishes her Pilates morning workout with Emily Moore each Friday. Pre-dawn Pilates is “me time” for many working parents.

Three Reasons to Greet the Day with Pilates

Here are our simple hat-tips to studio early birds:

  1. It awakens your entire body. Pilates moves lengthen and strengthen muscles. You will feel invigorated and ready for the day.
  2. It centers your focus. Your Pilates teacher’s cues will direct you to heighten awareness of your body and movement. You’ll be more present in your own life.
  3. It jumpstarts your metabolism. A morning workout oxygenates your muscles as your happy hearts pumps endorphins. A quicker metabolic rate helps your body use fuel in a faster, healthier, more efficient way.


Reformer Wake-Up! is a PNWP early-morning class with Holly Shaw

Emma Uebele, PNWP client seen here with Instructor Holly Shaw, says she loves to take Pilates early in the morning because she often wakes up feeling stiff, as if she twisted in her sleep. Holly Shaw‘s cheery greeting, Pilates exercises and expert cuing helps Emma concentrate on how she feels, and to unwind the asymmetrical patterns in her body.

Are you a morning person?

There are other great morning Reformer classes with Lu Villareal, Emily Moore, Ishbel Miller, Anna Marra and Traci Culberson. Newcomer Mandee Pearson leads a yoga-Pilates combination mat class, Morning Sun Salutations.

Join us.

— Leslie Braverman



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