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Special Summer and Fall Weekend Classes


PNWP Instructors have scheduled two special weekend series this summer and fall: Yoga and Melt Method. Beginners are welcome.

Note: Contact instructors directly to register.

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Leslie explains why PNWP begins at the beginning, assessing each client’s posture, so that we and they can see and understand their existing posture — which is NOT a straight line. 

“Guiding a client through Pilates exercises to experience a new way of thinking about moving can have powerful results. The compromised movement that feels “right” in the present is often the very thing that needs to be altered. Pilates instruction provides a gentle hand and voice to support and assist you through learning new action.”

– Leslie Braverman

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Attn: PTs and Experienced Pilates Instructors

Foot and Gait Intensive Workshop

September 13, 14

PNWP Owner Melanie Byford-Young teaches an intensive four-section workshop. You will gain proficiency in analyzing gait patterns, functional movements and client conditions.

Register by calling (503) 292-4409