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Finesse your Summer Fitness with Group Classes

Break out of a summer rut.

Up the ante on your core strength. Improve your swing. Run more smoothly. Climb higher. Row without tiring.


Our group class schedule is brimming with variety: Pilates, yoga or MELT. Triple-time tempo and glistening satisfaction — or long, slow stretches. Mat work or Pilates equipment. With or without props.

Pick a time. Classes are scheduled in the morning, afternoon, evening and on weekends.

You can book online. Or call (503) 292-4409 for more information. We’ll get right back to you.

PNWP and Therapeutic Pilates for Breast Cancer Post-surgical Movement

PNWP owners Melanie Byford-Young and Leslie Braverman acted on their commitment to breast cancer research by hosting a fundraiser for three consecutive years.

The studio has clients who are post-surgical breast cancer survivors and Melanie, a Master Instructor, frequently teaches the specific, fine points of working with this special group of women and men.

Read Melanie’s blog post this week for more …


Mel Les P4P

Attn: PTs and Experienced Pilates Instructors

Foot and Gait Intensive Workshop

September 13, 14       $425


“Gait is the most fundamental movement we have, and should be a series of reflex motions. There is no right way or wrong way to walk. Styles and patterns vary with a person’s mindset, their speed, the surface they are walking on, and what is in their hands.


Smooth and efficient gait is a winding and unwinding.”

 Melanie gets specific and personal in her blog and on our website.

Register by calling (503) 292-4409