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March PNWPE Courses: Be a Pilates Super Star Teacher

Act fast to get March 2015 CECs. 

On March 6, ICHR zooms in on the Stability Chair, which opens clients’ eyes to whole body and comparative strength and mobility on each side. 


Call Nicola or Brette

at (503) 292-4409 to register

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March either roars in like a lion—or is as gentle as a lamb. We’re thrilled to report it was a sublime, playful lamb of a sunny Sunday in Portland. 


It’s a Pacific NW secret but no matter how it kicks off, March heralds an explosion of blossoms and outdoor hijinks. Take a peek.



Pilates Week 2015

In the 10 days leading up to International Pilates Day—April 24 – May 2, the studio is inviting old and new friends to experience our unique classes and personalized approach.

Complimentary PNWP studio classes will zero in on instructor specialties that fuse Pilates to home, office, sports and active lives. Complimentary postural analysis, the starting point of PNWP personal sessions and group classes are an exciting new addition to Pilates Week. 

PNWP Education is hosting professional Pilates workshops led by industry celebrity experts John Garey and Kim Kraushar.

Call Nicola or Brette at (503) 292-4409 to register.