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Finesse your Summer Fitness with Group Classes

Break out of a summer rut.

Up the ante on your core strength. Improve your swing. Run more smoothly. Climb higher. Row without tiring.


Our group class schedule is brimming with variety: Pilates, yoga or MELT. Triple-time tempo and glistening satisfaction — or long, slow stretches. Mat work or Pilates equipment. With or without props.

Pick a time. Classes are scheduled in the morning, afternoon, evening and on weekends.

You can book online. Or call (503) 292-4409 for more information. We’ll get right back to you.

Wednesday in Portland

It’s cooling off today. The City of Roses is in the full flush of August color. Whether you take your yoga mat outdoors, run, walk or bike, this is a day to notice the roses.

Have a wonderful Wednesday. Be good to yourself.




Attn: PTs and Experienced Pilates Instructors

Foot and Gait Intensive Workshop

September 13, 14       $425


“Gait is the most fundamental movement we have, and should be a series of reflex motions. There is no right way or wrong way to walk. Styles and patterns vary with a person’s mindset, their speed, the surface they are walking on, and what is in their hands. Smooth and efficient gait is created by reciprocally storing and releasing energy throughout the body’s myofascial slings. It is a winding and unwinding.”

 Melanie gets specific and personal in her blog and on our website.

Register by calling (503) 292-4409