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Summer is Here

In the studio, Holly Shaw’s new Total Barre class and Sarah Hawkins’ Stability Chair classes are great additions to PNWP instructors’ group classes. Several instructors are accepting new private clients. Pilates prepares you for Oregon’s summer outdoor life, mountain to links to garden.

On the certification front, summer and fall courses are open for registration.

PNWP Education

Melanie Byford-Young’s Summer RCCB1 & RCCB2

June 4-7 and June 12-14

Melanie Byford-Young

Details and registration:

Brette at 503-292-4409

STOTT PILATES Summer Certification Courses in Portland

Click for why you’ll thrive in PNWP Education courses—in Portland this summer.

Courses scheduled to maximize immersion in STOTT PILATES training and Portland, Oregon. An entire course in two weeks. The chance to observe and practice in our studio. And all of cool, rose-blooming, beer-sipping, bike-riding, hip Portland to explore. 

Pick your Pilates getaway in June, July or August 2015. You’ll want to book 2016 while you’re here. 


 New Blog

 Melanie on the Road

Melanie teaches therapeutic Pilates at STOTT PILATES® licensed training centers in Europe, the Middle East and Asia.

Melanie Byford-Young in Amsterdam

Melanie’s latest teaching and cultural adventures were in Cyprus and the Netherlands.

PNWP Pilates Week 2015

Melanie, Kim Kraushar, Leslie Braverman

Melanie Byford-Young, Kim Kraushar (guest workshop instructor) and Leslie Braverman at May 2 party

We thank everyone who attended Pilates Week 2015 events, participated in the studio or cheered from the sidelines.